International Services

IMEX™ puts the world at your reach.

With our international services for shipping and receiving mail, documents, or goods, distances no longer mean a risk

Everything you and your company may need, comes by IBCT, no matter distance, shipment requirements or size

Domestic Services

Courier and cargo service throughout the Argentine Republic provided by  IMEX™  to companies of any kind and for every requirement.

Agreed deliveries, on line tracking for domestic shipments, mail bags, motorbike messaging, traditional courier, delivery of documents, cargo and a wide range of possibilities applicable to great corporations as well as small-sized companies, covering specific needs from standard courier through special services with flexible planned solutions designed to be used when, how and where demanded.

Small-sized Exporters or Importers

IMEX™ answers all your queries with a rapid and efficient advice to SMS companies, small-sized exporters or importers willing to receive or deliver samples or products, from or to any place around the world, and also further on, when they require services for exportation or importation processesIMEX™ offers total assistance at any stage or throughout the whole process.

IMEX™ offers assistance in relation to safe packing procedures, Customs documentation, transportation modes, and analysis on time, taxes, destinations, expiration dates, destinations receipt, temporary storage and everything needed by the company to achieve a successful shipping or reception, always applying the cheapest and simplest solution.

ZIPX Services

ZIPX Service by IMEX™ allows you having a mail address in the world operations center: Miami, USA.

Your will be able to send goods there or receive mail from anywhere in the world that will later be delivered to your address at a substantially lower cost than any direct shipment. ZIPX offers the possibility to subscribe to different foreign publications (catalogues, technical bulletins, medical and scientific publications, books, etc.), films, music, and also to receive home appliances, inputs and anything you may want from any country.

Hiring this allows you to have an actual address in Miami, and your telephone purchases via Internet or mail may be delivered to that destination. IMEX™ will receive them in Miami, classify and transport them to your country at a substantially lower cost than any other courier company undertaking any release Customs documents and delivery to your address.

ZIPX: other IMEX™ global solution, easy, safe and cheap.

Special Services

IMEX™  is a company that, unlike its competitors, has flexible structures which allow for the creation of services upon request; that is the reason why many of our clients have entrusted our personnel with sequenced tasks which otherwise would have been costly and difficult to control internally.

The following include some of these services:

  • Sequenced deliveries of promotions or direct marketing.
  • Photographic surveys, ideal for service companies, construction companies, etc.
  • Delivery of invoices or membership fees, with of without collection of money.
  • Personalized surveys or surveys with delivery of forms and their subsequent pick-up.

IBCT special services include the proposal and advice, free of charge, to any requirement which involves temporary, permanent, sequenced, or specific solutions required by your company.

Customized Service by Business Officers

IMEX™  is also renowned for offering the services of a perfectly well trained business officer as from the first contact through all queries able to give answers over the phone to any requirement, and also able to absolutely understand your needs and provide a customized answer if necessary thus avoiding the strict answers given by structured operators not able to differentiate the most rapid solution.

Premium delivery under maximum control

Some needs deserve such a special treatment that they are completely out of the patterns established by companies. For this kind of needs, IMEX™ has a Premium Delivery Service under Maximum Control that allows a door-to-door solution with continuous customized tracking..

Large Accounts

In the case of new accounts that have large shipment movements and varied needs, IMEXT provides to the company a contact agent or planning official commissioned to listen and analyze all company’s policies, mechanisms, urgent tasks and needs generating an assistance plan in order to cover all their requirements at the lowest cost and in the most efficient manner.