Headquartered in the city of Miami, Florida, IMEX ™ was founded in 1979, with the main objective of developing a new and more modern international courier service. A year later it would be installed in the city of Buenos Aires, special preponderance was given to the different concerns and needs of the client, either in everything related to express delivery in the local and international markets.

Above all, we are interested in the possibility of providing advanced solutions, and that is why we have proposed the development of a state-of-the-art national courier service, capable of reaching any part of Argentina quickly and in a particularly safe manner. To achieve this first-order goal, we have incorporated the best technology and the most solid levels of updating and training of our personnel so that you can feel absolutely sure that your shipments will always arrive in a timely manner.

With more than three decades working in the market, both national and international, at IMEX ™ we rely on our great trajectory and also on the seriousness and prestige we have achieved over time.

The confidence that you place in us every day to make your shipments, receive your purchases abroad and use our courier service messaging represents, in the end, our greatest capital, and for that reason we aspire to improve permanently in each of the areas that comprise our business, from customer service to personalized advice for each particular case, from the care of what you deposit in us to receive it properly to the rigorous fulfillment of the schedules stipulated in advance for delivery.