Our Services

The confidence that you place in us every day to make your shipments, receive your purchases abroad and use our courier service messaging represents, in the end, our greatest capital, and for that reason we aspire to improve permanently in each of the areas that comprise our business, from customer service to personalized advice for each particular case, from the care of what you deposit in us to receive it properly to the rigorous fulfillment of the schedules stipulated in advance for delivery.

Our agile international courier service also has the highest levels of security and reliability in all the steps of the process. This huge challenge also expands on a wide variety of express shipping services to all parts of the world, with the added value of being able to track and monitor your location at all times.

For all these reasons, we firmly believe that IBC ™ is the most reliable alternative that you can count on at all times, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Consult today with our team of specialists to learn in detail about these or other services available to you, including, courier service, purchases abroad, domestic and international shipments, parcels, door-to-door shipments, etc. We are more than willing to answer all your questions.

Leading Purchasing Service abroad from Argentina. See how easy it is to bring the international purchases you make online.

Door to Door delivery service in Argentina and around the world. Transport of all types of Compensation, receive it in your company or home. Call us!