Our History

With its headquarters in Miami, Florida, International Bonded Couriers Inc, was established in 1979 by our company’s chairman Joseph F. Costigan with the purpose to developing courier service and express delivery in the international market.

IMEX™ IMEX™ was established in Buenos Aires, in 1980 with the intention to strengthen its position in the Argentine market and to provide its customers customized, direct and efficient services.

IMEX – ArgentinaSince its establishment, International Bonded Couriers continues offering innovations with high quality products supported by state-of-the-art technology, always at the top to benefit its customers.

IMEX™ Argentina, with a vision reaching far beyond its initial goals, began its operations in the domestic market intending to widen its services and thus become an integrated company of mail services.
The domestic division, after its inclusion into IMEX, had a huge growth providing the same quality standards of its competitors at the beginning and further exceeding such standards afterwards. In this way, on a customized basis we perform the tasks our customers require, including varied tasks and confidential management of important companies’ databases. All this intending to provide, now and ever, the best service as seriously and safely as we are used to.

For many years, we have been making efforts to beat our records daily according to our customer commercial requirements. In this manner, our distribution solutions are renowned as cutting edge solutions. Our customers’ needs have encouraged us to provide higher quality state-of-the-art service throughout the world.

At present, IMEX has more than 50 offices around the world staffed with more than 10,000 employees highly trained in the collection, handling, transportation and delivery of mail and packages throughout the world.

Over twenty years in the international and domestic markets are a guarantee of our experience, seriousness and prestige acquired over time. Our customers’ confidence is our best business.