Door to door shipments to more than 150 countries and all of Argentina

Ofrecemos asesoramiento profesional y personalizado

We have the most internationally recognized door-to-door delivery service. Each particular case will be attended to in a personalized manner to ensure the client a true premium, cutting-edge system, capable of giving greater security and control over their operations anywhere in the world.

IMEX ™ is a company with several decades of experience, with high levels of training and commitment in its different teams of professionals that, unlike its competitors, has very flexible structures that allow you to create individual services based on a particular requirement.

This is how many of our clients have entrusted our staff with sequenced tasks that would otherwise be very expensive to perform. Since already to carry out this work we rely on a vast trajectory and the highest standards of responsibility and efficiency at the time of granting a superior service in every sense.

These details become more relevant when we talk about door-to-door transport and deliveries, a trend that is increasing, which requires us to take into account many factors that, properly addressed, translate into a great saving of time and money for the client.

As an added value it is important to mention that the special services of IMEX ™ can provide you with an efficient package of proposals and without any additional cost for any type of requirement that implies a particular solution.

For these and other reasons of enormous commercial importance, we think it is important that you, as a client, can opt for the best alternative based on door-to-door transportation. All your purchases or shipments from abroad will obtain the most advanced tracking and monitoring system. In this way, you can rest assured that your shipments will be in the best possible hands.