Fast international shipping to more than 150 countries

+ 30 años de experiencia en Argentina

IMEX™ makes the world at your fingertips. Our services of international economic, express, urgent shipments, also allow you to have the delivery and reception of correspondence, documentation or merchandise, making distances do not become a risk or an impediment for our customers.

In this sense, the client can also acquire our IMEXBOX service, which allows him to have a postal address in our main operating center in the world: the city of Miami, USA. You can send your purchases there, arriving later to your home address at a much lower cost than other packages and international shipping services.

Everything that you and your company need comes through IMEX ™, regardless of the distance and / or the particular requirement of the case. We have the most modern, agile and reliable shipping system for parcels and packages abroad; an easy and very economical global solution compared to other companies in the sector.

The hiring of our different services guarantees you the fastest, with the possibility of making traces to verify the status and location of your shipments in real time, and all this at a much lower cost than any other courier company, making ourselves all the customs procedures corresponding to each region, as well as their release and delivery at your home address within the deadlines agreed in advance.

At IMEX™ we know how to take care of your international shipments from Argentina in an economical and completely safe way for the client, even when we talk about really delicate objects such as appliances, perishables, supplies, filmic materials, as well as parcels, documents and mail that demand to arrive always in time and form, without delays of any kind, from and to any country in the world.