Box and Parcels to the whole country

La mejor opción para realizar su envío

IMEX ™ is a leader in national parcel companies in Argentina and the rest of the world, with more than fifty offices so that you always have the best and fastest service possible.

We can give you real solutions at a very low cost; from scheduled deliveries, online tracking for domestic shipments, courier, courier, mail deliveries or documents, and a wide range of proposals applicable to both the individual client and small and large companies, thus covering the demands of punctuality from any standard mail service to special services with flexible, planned, and designed solutions to be used when, how and where it is needed.

Our parcel and package delivery service in Argentina is the best option for a totally safe transport, attentive to the different needs and requirements of the client, and with delivery times that respect the previously established deadlines.

This is a considerable strategic advantage since it allows you to save money and avoid unnecessary delays that could otherwise have been easily avoided by relying on a secure process and with several decades of experience in the sector.

IMEX ™ attends all your queries by providing a fast and efficient advice service. This acquires enormous relevance for any SME as well as for small and medium exporters and importers who want to receive or deliver their products in Argentina.

When thinking about a modern national parcel transport system, IMEX ™ can provide the best service in everything related to safe packing processes, transfer modalities, analysis and evaluation of delivery times, monitoring and tracking through of internet, taxes, destinations, deadlines, reception at destination, temporary storage and everything you need to successfully complete the operation, always taking care of the most economical and simple way to carry out the process.