Private Courier Company

+ 30 years of experience throughout the country.

Since its inception, IMEX ™ has earned a fair place as a leading private courier company in Capital Federal, Argentina; developing a broad package of increasingly efficient and safer services for the client. To meet these objectives we have a type of professional and personalized advice that will allow you to evacuate all your queries and thus obtain the service that best suits your particular needs.

In this sense, to continue in the vanguard as a private courier company, at IMEX we seek to continue to innovate permanently with new services of the highest quality, relying on advanced technology, and assisting step by step the client through fast and efficient procedures.

This is the key for IMEX to become the most reliable international private courier company. To achieve this goal we have designed a wide variety of services for all customers and with great capacity to provide effective solutions; among them, the possibility of rigorously respecting both the agreed dates in advance and the precise delivery times.

Our excellent team of professionals, all of them with many years of experience in the sector, will be in charge of managing in a personalized way all the assignments of our clients, both in courier deliveries and private mail. This means that you can always obtain a distinguished and confidential treatment; whose purpose is basically to provide a framework of absolute security and seriousness in all your shipments.

At IMEX, we believe that our greatest asset, the one that differentiates us from others, is the confidence you place in us every day, year after year, and for that reason we have firmly proposed to continue improving each of our services, starting with customer service and finalizing the delivery of your shipments in a timely manner.